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Table 1 Measures used at the approximate test times.

From: Change in basic motor abilities, quality of movement and everyday activities following intensive, goal-directed, activity-focused physiotherapy in a group setting for children with cerebral palsy

  Baseline 3 weeks Intervention 3 weeks Follow up 3 weeks
Measure Pre-Test1 Pre-Test2 Pre-Test3   Post-Test1 Post-Test2
GMFM x x x   x x
GMPM   x x   x x
QUEST   x x   x x
PEDI   x     x
GAS Goals identified   Goals scored
  1. GMFM: Gross Motor Function Measure, GMPM: Gross Motor Performance Measure,
  2. QUEST: Quality of Upper Extremity Skills Test, PEDI: Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory,
  3. GAS: Goal Attainment Scaling